Join a Havurah at B'nai Tikvah

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What is a Havurah?

The word “Havurah(havurot, plural) comes from the Hebrew word haver, which means friend. Each CBT Havurah consists of a small group (couples, individuals, or families) who meet socially and share common interests. Havurot generally meet once a month on a regular basis, but may meet more often to celebrate special occasions or to attend synagogue events.

Who will belong to my Havurah?

Havurot may be formed by people who become acquainted through our schools, committees, long term B’nai Tikvah membership or other activities. Others are created by us from the list of people who express an interest in forming a new group. Havurot can be a group of individuals with many similarities, or can be people of mixed ages and backgrounds who seek the close-knit ties that the Havurah experience fosters.

What is the advantage of belonging to a Havurah?

Think of a Havurah as a community within a community. Strangers become friends, and friends become extended family, as they enter each other’s homes and lives through shared experiences. As you become more familiar with the members of your Havurah, and perhaps have joint activities with other Havurot, you should feel more at home and part of the “CBT family.” Some groups become an extended family and others remain a more casual group of social friends. However yours develops over time, we are confident that being in a Havurah can make your synagogue membership more comfortable, more meaningful, and more fulfilling.

What kinds of activities does a Havurah do?

Each group plans its own programs depending on what its members’ desire. You can share Shabbat dinner, have a Chanukah party, go camping, or on outings like dinners, theater, museums, or festivals. Havurot often attend CBT activities together, socialize in individual homes, celebrate simchas (joyous occasions) and provide support for difficult times. Depending on the make-up of your Havurah, children may be involved in some activities and not others.

A member of our Membership Committee will meet with each new Havurah to help it get started, but then the activities you plan will be up to you!

Fill out the online form, or print, fill out, and return the paper form.